5 online calligraphy guideline generators that we love the most

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Calligraphy guideline are a very handy thing for everyone who learn calligraphy or just looking for some templates for everyday writing.

However, ready-made guidelines can not suit your needs – in terms of paper size, X-height and design. Set aside, you need completely different guidelines for different scripts: for example, for Copperplate and for Blackletter. And sometimes you’re looking for something you can customize to your needs but without using Adobe Illustrator.

There are plenty of online generators for guidelines. We chose five of them specifically calligraphy-related, which we ourselves use and therefore can recommend.

You just need to set the parameters, download the pdf-file and print it. So, let’s go.

Did you know?

You can use printable guideline two ways: either print it on thick paper and place it under your sheet of paper, or you can print the guideline directly onto a sheet of paper that you’ll be writing on. First one is good for final works or letters, and the latter is perfect for practice.


Our rating:

Our first pick for dot grid, lined and graph templates. Their new addition – triangles and octagons (obviously it’s not for everyday use, but why not use it for color swatches or coloring?). Just set the distance between the elements in the first graph, and the color intensity in the second. Simple and cool as it is!

Gridzzly online guideline generator


Our rating:

Our favorite professional guideline generator created specifically for calligraphers!

Firstly, you can choose the sheet size (you can even create an A3 sheet). Then, you can choose sheet orientation (vertical or horizontal).

And next here is what we love the most: you can choose a specific script! Here is the full list: Italic, Copperplate, Spencerian, Uncial, Blackletter, Fraktur, Cancellaresca, Foundational Hand, Roman Script. Not to mention, you can set your own slants angle.

Quite impressive, isn’t it?

CaliDraw online guideline generator
Our rating:

Online guidelines generator created specifically for broad-pen scripts like Uncial, Carolingian minuscule or Blackletter.

Alternatively, you can use predefined templates.

Simple and elegant design, we just love it!

Ductus online guideline generator

Ruled Calligraphy Paper

Our rating:

Another one guideline generator for broad-pen scripts. To use, specify the width of your nib in millimeters. Then specify the heights of the ascenders, body, and descenders.

You can select a script (Italic, Foundational Hand, Blackletter, Uncial) to specify default values suitable for various calligraphy hands.

Ruled Calligraphy Paper online guideline generator
Our rating:

Calligraphy guideline generator intended for pointed-pen scripts like Spencerian or Copperplate. Essential one in our list!

The final guideline looks neat and accurate. We personally just love it!

ShipBrook online guideline generator

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